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Benefits of switching to the Stitchtel cloud platform

Stitchtel Communications was founded in 2009 to solve a fundamental problem in the telecommunications industry and that was that businesses were paying too much money for their telecom services and they were not getting the support they deserved. Hosted Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephony is quickly becoming the standard communications platform for organizations of all sizes. The wholesale shift from traditional telephone systems to feature-rich Hosted VoIP service has already begun. Immediate cost savings is the most commonly cited benefit of adopting Hosted VoIP, along with increases in system reliability and worker productivity.  

Due to changes in IP networks, cloud computing technology, and virtualization, the telecommunications landscape has dramatically changed. IP networks have achieved dominance as the preferred method of voice transmission, shifting the debate from traditional voice solutions to competing IP service delivery models. The question today is whether On-Premises or Cloud-based solutions best serve the modern organization’s Unified Communications needs. Key advantages in cost and management make a strong argument for the Cloud.

Voice applications delivered via the Cloud provide the advanced enterprise-level features and reliability available with On-Premises PBX systems, without their high cost and expensive maintenance requirements. In addition, the Cloud offers the ability to easily unify all customer sites, scale gracefully with organizational growth, and provide customized solutions to fit complex needs. The Cloud service provider owns and maintains all necessary equipment, and service is delivered via public or private WAN connections.

  • Professionally Managed Infrastructure

  • Consistent U.S. based Support

  • Business Continuity

  • Improved Disaster Recovery

  • Predictable Monthly expenses

  • All inclusive Pricing

  • Faster Upgrades

  • Simplified Moves, adds and changes

The compelling benefits of Cloud voice, combined with its lower cost, explain its emerging status as the dominant solution for today’s organizations and workforce. As the industry landscape continues to evolve and take shape, it is becoming increasingly clear Cloud voice service will represent the business standard. Organizations looking to gain the substantial savings and upgrades in features and usability available through IP telephony can rest assured the Cloud voice model presents a wise choice for those wishing to stay in sync with truly innovative technology, without the hassle of babysitting it.

“Stitchtel brings exceptional knowledge and perspectives…..

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Ben Smith

C.F.O. Advanced Electrical


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