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What Features Does Stitchtel Have?

Stitchtel has the most robust feature set of any hosted VoIP company. Every account comes with access to our complete set of hosted VoIP features. Here are some of the most useful features:


  • Voice Mail to Email

  • Auto Attendant

  • Music-On-Hold

  • Dial Plans

  • Custom Caller ID

  • Call Routing

  • Find-me-Follow-me

  • Virtual Extensions

  • Call Logs, Call Reports, & Call Analytics

  • Call Forwarding

  • Ring Groups & Call Queues

  • Custom Schedules & Time-based Routing

  • Internal Directory

  • Click-to-call & Desktop Integration

  • Conference Bridge

  • Fax to Email


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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started Questions

Network & Equipment Questions

System Questions

Feature Questions

Service Questions

Technical Support Questions

How Much Does Stitchtel Cost?

Each registered device & phone number will have a monthly fee. The monthly fees will depend on the number of users you add to your system. Please contact your sales representative to get a quote for service.


To get a quote please call our sales team or request a quote here. You may also contact us via email.


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What is a User?

A user in the Stitchtel Admin system refers to the person who will use the phone. A user is always connected to a billable device, which can include a desktop VoIP phone, a smartphone app, a softphone on your computer or tablet, or a traditional fax machine (although our virtual fax solution is included for free on every plan).


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Do I Need to Sign a Contract?

No, Stitchtel’s Hosted VoIP service is month-to-month. Unlike many other VoIP services, we are so confident in our ability to provide you quality service that we will not lock you into any type of contract.


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How Much Do Phone Numbers Cost?

Each phone number you add to your phone system is $1.75/month ($5 if you are on a 1-4 user plan). This applies to both local and toll-free numbers. Inbound calls made to toll-free numbers carry a 1.9¢ per minute charge.


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How much is toll-free calling?

Inbound calls made to toll-free numbers carry a 1.9¢ per minute charge. You may not call out on toll-free numbers, but only on local numbers that do not carry additional charges.


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How Many Numbers Do I Need?

With Stitchtel, you will only need one number. Stitchtel gives you unlimited channels, which is like having a roll over line for every call you receive. So you are now able to make and receive any number of simultaneous calls with one phone number and never ring busy.


You may need multiple phone numbers for call routing purposes. Calls can be routed from one phone number to any device on your system through extension dialing, but if you want the ability to receive calls directly on specific lines without sending calls through the auto-attendant then you will want additional phone numbers. You may also want additional numbers for marketing or call tracking purposes. If this is the case you may purchase as many as you need. The Stitchtel system is the perfect way to manage the call routing and voice mail for as many phones and numbers as you need.


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What are Your International Rates?

Stitchtel has very competitive international VoIP rates.




  • Canada

  • Puerto Rico

  • Mexico (Guadalajara, Monterrey, & Mexico City)

  • Guam

  • Spain

  • France

  • Germany

  • Hong Kong


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3¢ a Minute Calling Areas

How Much are Your Phones?

Our selection of Mitel, Cisco, Polycom, and Panasonic VoIP phones come in several classes:


  • Basic phones are $70-$150

  • Executive phones are $135-$500

  • Conference phones are $380-$840


You may purchase phones from any source, but you will need to register and provision each phone with Stitchtel customer support before it will connect to your network. When you purchase a phone from Stitchtel it comes pre-provisioned, meaning all you have to do is open the box and plug-in.


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How Much Do Your Additional Features Cost?

All of Stitchtel’s PBX features are included, with the exception of call recording. Call recording requires setting up an Amazon storage account. Amazon offers 5GB of storage for free for a year and additional storage for purchase.


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Can I Set Up a Test Account?

Yes, we offer a paid trial. You may set up one or more phones with a temporary number to give Stitchtel’s system a full test drive.


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Do You Have any Guarantees?

We stand by the quality of our service and the assertion that you will be as satisfied as the 97% of our current customers who would recommend Stitchtel to a friend. We do not lock you into a contract like other providers and if you ever had a problem you can move your service at any time.


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What Broadband Speed Do I Need?

For optimal VoIP performance you need 90k upload and download per concurrent call.


For example: If you have 40 phones in your office building and at peak load have 30 concurrent calls – you will need to have a minimum of 2.7 Mbps upload and download speed (easily handled with most business class connections). For a smaller setup of 5 phones with a max of 4 concurrent calls – you will only need 360 Kbps upload and download (easily handled with any DSL/Cable connections).


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How Good Is Stitchtel’s Uptime?

Our 99.99% uptime is backed by an industry leading SLA. We have recently expanded our system redundancy to further reinforce the stability of the platform.


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What Equipment Do I Need?

For many customers Stitchtel is plug-and-play. All you need is a business class router and compatible VoIP phones. Depending on the features you need you may require additional equipment.



Some situations or features require additional equipment:


  • Quality of Service (QOS) – Adtran Router

  • Conference Room – VoIP Conference Phone

  • Receptionist – Sidecar

  • Cordless – Cordless VoIP Phone

  • Softphone & Mobile Apps - Stitchtel Mobility

  • Traditional Fax Machine – Fax Adapter (billed as an additional user)

  • Cordless – Cordless VoIP Phone

  • Handsfree VoIP Phone – Find Headsets


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Other Equipment

Can I Port My Existing Number?

Yes, most numbers will port. We will need to verify this due to the fact that certain numbers in rare cases will not port over to any other system. Porting is a one-time, $15/number fee and takes anywhere from 5 to 18 days.


For more information on number porting please see this FCC Article.


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Can I Port My Number from Stitchtel?

Yes you can. Although, we hope you will love Stitchtel so much that you’ll never leave us! But in the rare event that you needed to port a number away from Stitchtel the numbers are yours to keep.


For more information on number porting please see this FCC Article.


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Do I Need to Have an On-Premise PBX?

No, you will not need any on-premise PBX equipment. Stitchtel’s system is 100% hosted. All you need is an internet connection and a business class router. All call routing and PBX functionality takes place on our servers, and is fully managed by logging in to your online portal.


If you have existing PBX equipment, you will no longer need it to have the most current and up-to-date features for your phone system. With a hosted solution your system will be automatically upgraded as soon as new features are rolled out, and you will never have to pay for upgrades.


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What Are the Best Phones to Use?

Any quality VoIP phone is sufficient; however, we fully support specific Mitel, Panasonic, Polycom, and Cisco VoIP phone models that we have found to be the industry best in voice quality and functionality.


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Does Stitchtel Support Softphones or Smartphones?

Yes, Stitchtel offers a softphone designed specifically for the Stitchtel system called Mobility. Mobility can be enabled for a one-time $20 fee per device.


There are several other industry leading softphones and smartphone apps that are compatible with the Stitchtel system. Here is our list of top recommendations:


  • X-Lite 5 for Mac OS & Windows (Free)

  • Bria 3 Basic for Mac OS & Windows

  • Bria 3 Enhanced for Mac OS & Windows

  • eyeBeam Basic for Windows

  • eyeBeam Enhanced for Windows

  • Bria for Android

  • Bria for Android Tablet

  • Bria for iPhone

  • Bria for iPad


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Is Stitchtel Software Proprietary or Based on Asterisk or Broadsoft?

Stitchtel’s system is completely proprietary. Our platform is rapidly growing into the most robust and feature rich PBX on the market. Many VoIP companies simply resell Asterisk and Broadsoft systems or slightly modified variants. These systems work fairly well, but Stitchtel’s extremely talented development team has created a system far superior than these outdated switches. Stitchtel’s PBX is moving into a class of its own and you will be extremely pleased with the system’s intuitive ease of use and enterprise class communication features.


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Can I Have All My Phones Ring at Once?

Yes, you have total control of which phones ring – also when they ring, how long they ring, and where they forward when calls are not answered. The Stitchtel phone system is the most flexible phone system you will ever use and we are constantly adding new features to assure you ultimate business communications solution.


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How Does the Auto-Attendant Work?

The auto-attendant is an automated system that will answer calls and interact with the caller however you need it to for optimal call management. One popular auto-attendant usage is to direct callers to a specific department or answer specific questions (Press 1 for sales, 2 for support, 3 for hours and directions, etc.). Another common usage for the auto-attendant is to allow callers to extension dial or provide them with a company directory.


Auto-attendants are a very useful tool in helping to maximize the value you offer to each person who calls your company.


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Can the Auto-Attendant Answer without Ringing Phones?

Yes, the auto-attendant can answer before ringing phones, after ringing phones, or without ever ringing phones. The system gives you ultimate flexibility to route calls according to your specific business needs.


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How Many Calls Can I Have at a Time?

Unlimited. With a traditional phone system you need to have roll over lines to manage multiple calls. With Stitchtel’s hosted PBX, all incoming calls are routed through a very powerful server and so you will never ring busy, even if you only have one phone and one phone number.


This also means you can place as many calls on the systems as your hardware will allow. Depending on how many phones you have and what model, you could theoretically place an unlimited number of simultaneous outbound calls on the same number and still never ring busy.


Welcome to 21st century communications!


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Can Everyone Have Their Own Voicemail Account?

Yes, each extension on the system can have a voicemail account. Additionally you may setup voicemail accounts for each line and ring groups. We also offer shared voicemail boxes that can be accessed by multiple people. Stitchtel’s features are setting the pace in the business VoIP industry.


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Do You Offer Voicemail to Email?

Yes. You will be able to specify one or more email addresses for every voicemail box on the system. An audio file will be attached to the email and you will be able to download and listen to the file on any computer or smartphone where you have access to your email account.


You can also access your voicemail directly on your phone by dialing in, or through your online PBX portal (accessible through any web browser).


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Can I Setup Ring Groups and Call Queues?

Yes. Ring groups are perfect for routing calls to a sales team, support team, or any other group. Ring groups are very easy to setup and manage.


Call queues can be integrated into any part of your dial plan. They are the optimal way to manage peak call volume times while still providing a high level of service. It is best to use music-on-hold with useful voice-over information for callers to listen to while waiting in the queue.


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Can I Listen in On Calls or Record Them?

Yes. You have several options for doing this:


  • Eavesdropping — allows you to listen in on any call and is very useful for customer service and technical support teams. (Supported only on certain Polycom, Cisco, and Panasonic handsets)

  • Whisper Mode — allows you to talk to an employee on the phone without the other person on the call hearing you and is extremely useful for training and helping new employees. (Supported only on certain Polycom, Cisco, and Panasonic handsets)

  • Call Recording — call recording is perfect for companies in certain industries who are required to keep audio records of calls, and also for training purposes. (Supported only on Mitel handsets for a nominal fee per user enabled)


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Do You Have US Based Support?

Yes! All of our customer service and support teams work here in our home offices in the US. We strive to provide you the best customer service in the VoIP industry. As amazing as the call quality and PBX features are, it is our excellent service that makes Stitchtel the #1 customer rated business VoIP solution.


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How Will I Setup My PBX?

The Stitchtel PBX is completely hosted, so there is not setup or configuration required other than the phone provisioning, which we take care of before your phones arrive. Our customer service team will work with you to get your dial plan configured to your liking. If you are implementing other customer configurations, such as call recording, our customer service team will also assist you until everything is functioning properly.


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How Will I Manage My Phone System?

For large enterprise and public sector accounts you will have an account manager who will work with your IT team during implementation and on a regular basis afterwords for all ongoing needs. For all our other valued customers, our customer service team is always at your disposal. The Stitchtel system requires very little expertise for optimal management, but we are here whenever you need us.


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How Do I Create a Dial Plan for My Phone System?

The dial plan is the way your phone system routes, handles, and processes all incoming calls. It is one of the most crucial features for your business. The Stitchtel system has a very easy-to-use dial plan editor that allows you the most flexibility of any VoIP PBX system on the market.


Our customer service team is always available to help you with anything you need regarding your dial plan. They will work with you initially to get it setup exactly as you need so your business will run on all cylinders.


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Do I Need to Set Everything Up on My Own?

The Stitchtel system is a plug-and-play system. If you purchase equipment from us all phones will arrive pre-provisioned and ready to go. If you purchase elsewhere, all you will need to do is contact our customer service team and they will take care of everything you need to get up and running.


If you have advanced routing issues or other needs, our sales engineers and technical support team will be able to assist you with all of your advanced and customer networking needs.


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Why isn’t my phone working?

The most common reason phones stop working is because of a registration issue. Occasionally, a phone requires manual re-registration.

Steps to Reboot and Re-Register Device:


1. Unplug power source from the device

2. Plug power source back into device

3. Device will automatically reconfigure and register itself


If the phone does not work after rebooting, you may be experiencing one of the following problems:


  • Phone needs to be re-provisioned

  • Phone needs to be factory reset and provisioned

  • An internet outage is preventing network access

  • Router needs to be rebooted or adjusted

  • Phone is broken


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Why is the audio quality of my calls bad?

Generally, call quality issues are due to bandwidth limitations or some other cause of latency on your network. This is not always the case, but a quick test will confirm if this is the cause of this issue.


To run an initial diagnostic test, follow these steps:


1. If your computer is running Microsoft Windows, click the ‘Start’ or ‘Windows’ Button,

   then click ‘Run’ if it’s there, if not click in the ‘Start Search’ or ‘Search Programs’ box.

2. In either case, type “cmd” (without quotations) into the field and press the ‘Enter’ key

   on your keyboard. This should cause a black command-prompt or “DOS prompt”

   window to appear. If you are using a Macintosh computer, you can find the command

   prompt window in your Applications/Utilities/ folder. It is called

3. In the command prompt window, type: ping -t (if using a Mac, omit

   the “t” from the command)


A test will begin to run that will give you packet response times in ms. The response times need to stay under 100ms, and more importantly, must remain stable. Any variance by more than 5ms in either direction can indicate a problem with your internet connection.


Please note, for the test to be effective, it MUST be run at the same time you are experiencing the problem with your calls. If you run the test when no problem is occurring, it will not provide any useful information. To stop the test, press Ctrl+C. This should provide you with the following: Minimum response time, Average response time, Maximum response time, and number of Packets Lost (if any).


Finally, copy the test results (To do this in Windows: Right-click your mouse and select ‘Mark’, then highlight the ‘Ping statistics’, and finally copy the text by pressing Enter) and paste those results into a reply email to the support ticket. We will respond with our diagnosis and how to best report the problem to your ISP.


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Why does my phone only ring some of the time?

If a phone does not ring every time it should, or if it needs frequent rebooting to stay

registered – it is an indication the router being used by the phone may not be properly



The following are the most common router settings that can resolve phone registration

issues (Note – Not all routers have these settings available for adjustment):


  • -SIP ALG: Found under firewall settings. Must be disabled.

  • -SPI Firewall: Found under firewall settings. Must be disabled.

  • -UDP Timeout: Found under firewall settings. Usually set to 30 seconds by default Should be increased to at least 300 seconds.

  • -SIP Transformations: Found under firewall settings. Must be disabled.

  • Consistent NAT: Found under firewall settings. Must be enabled.




Sometimes it is helpful to create rules that allow all traffic from our IP blocks:






If these changes do not help, you may be using an incompatible router. Please contact

your sales rep for router options offered by Stitchtel.


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Is my router going to work with Stitchtel?

Due to a vast number of models available we do not have a comprehensive list of routers that will or will not work. Because of this we cannot know with certainty if your existing hardware configuration will work beforehand; however, we do recommend Adtran routers due to their high compatibility with VoIP, their enhanced reporting features, and their great QoS options.


Many other brands and models will work as long as they are not on the ‘blacklist’ of devices which are known to have problems.


Blacklist of Known Incompatible Routers:


  • D-Link DIR-632

  • Any Linksys BEFS-xxxxx

  • Any Linksys BEFSR-xxxx

  • Linksys WRT54GT

  • Linksys WRT54GS

  • Linksys WRT54GL

  • Linksys WRT54GX

  • Linksys WRT100

  • Linksys WRT610

  • Linksys LRT224

  • Linksys RV042v3 or newer (as well as the corresponding gigabit model)

  • Linksys RV082v3 or newer (as well as the corresponding gigabit model)

  • Linksys RV0162v3 or newer (as well as the corresponding gigabit model)

  • Medialink MWN-WAPR150N

  • Netgear CG3000DCR (Comcast)

  • Netgear WPN824

  • Netgear FVS

  • Netgear MR814

  • Any ZyXel Router

  • Any ZyXel ZyWall Firewall


Routers for Small Configurations Only:


• Apple Airport routers are “hit-and-miss,” meaning they might work, but will often

 cause problems.


• Modem/Router Combos or Cable Gateways (i.e. the kind that come from the DSL/cable

 provider) will usually only support 1 – 4 handsets)


• Most D-Link and Netgear ‘home grade’ routers will work for 1 – 4 handsets with minor

 adjustments to settings.


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What router does Stitchtel recommend?

Stitchtel recommends Adtran routers due to their high compatibility with VoIP, their enhanced reporting features, and their great QoS options. Please contact your Stitchtel sales rep to discuss options for Adtran routers.


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What fax options does Stitchtel recommend?

For mission critical or high volume faxing, we recommend maintaining fax service through an analog fax provider, such as CenturyLink or your local landline provider. This solution currently provides the most compatibility across all possible fax platforms since analog systems are already configured for fax.


If that is not possible, please contact your Stitchtel sales rep to discuss alternate fax options:


Stitchtel offers e-fax as a free add-on feature for all accounts. This is an outbound – scan to fax / inbound – email to fax solution.


Fax adapters can connect your fax machine to your VoIP network. Though this works very well, we do not recommend this method for mission critical or high volume customers.


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Is my Sonicwall router going to work with Stitchtel?

For Sonicwall routers, we recommend the following adjustments:


Disable SIP Transformations

Enable Consistent NAT

Set UDP and RTP time outs to the highest setting

Create rules to allow ANY inbound UDP traffic from these Stitchtel IP blocks:

         1. - Block 2: with a net mask of

         2. - Block 1: with a net mask of

         3. - Block 3: with a net mask of


These adjustments will generally resolve 99% of SIP signaling issues on Sonicwall-routed networks. If not, please let us know.


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